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Susana Almanza on the importance of Alma de Mujer September 19, 2009

Here is the latest video from a series I started called, “True Stories from Texas Women.”

Susana Almanza, Co-Director of PODER,  talks about the importance of Alma de Mujer Center for Social for Justice Change.



Relocate Pure Casting Facility from East Austin! Build Affordable Housing September 10, 2009

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Protect our Children’s Health!
Relocate Pure Casting!
Build Affordable Housing!













The Pure Casting facility (2110 E. 4th Street) is a polluter of heavy metals and uses hazardous chemicals in our East Austin neighborhood. Pure Casting is located right next to Zavala Elementary School and surrounded by homes.

East Austin needs your support in protecting the health of our children and the residents that live in the area. It is crucial that we let the City Council and Pure Casting know that we will not allow children to be exposed to hazardous chemicals!

The Pure Casting facility is an ideal location to build affordable housing. It is 30,152 sq. ft. of land. The City Council should use the Affordable Housing Bond money ($55 million) to purchase the site. This site abuts to the property owned by the City of Austin (the Brown Building on Chicon & E. 4th Street). Call the Mayor and Council members at 974-2250.

Let’s keep our children safe from harmful chemicals!

 -Download letter to email Council Members at PODER website www.poder-texas.org

-Here is the link to the City website where you can email Mayor and City Council Members: