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Haiku and a Song – Mercedes Sosa – Gracias a la Vida October 6, 2009

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Mercedes  passed away on October 4, 2009.  She was a famous Argentinan folk singer who was internationally acclaimed as the “voice of the voiceless ones” whose criticism of South America’s military regimes led to her admiration by many.  Here I share my favorite song she sang, “Gracias a la Vida,” which means “Thanks to Life.” RIP Mercedes Sosa and thank you for many years of wonderful music!


Cantar es vivir.
Da gracias a la vida.
Canta tu verdad.


Haiku and a Song – Invincible feat. Finale – Locusts September 4, 2009

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Detroit-based Hip-Hop artists, Invincible and Finale, rhyme about the impacts of gentrification on the Motor City. This piece includes interviews with community activists discussing displacement and predatory planning versus sustainable development in The D.

To see the full version of the video and help get it aired on TV by voting “I Like It”, go here:

The full-length version of both the song and the video for “Locusts” by Invincible featuring Finale, (produced by DJ House Shoes) can be found on Invincible’s debut album, Shapeshifters, available now on http://www.EMERGENCEmusic.net

For more info on Invincible, check:

Racist Urban Removal
We need Resistance!

Haiku and a Song – Silvio Rodriguez “Te Doy Una Cancion” August 25, 2009

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I love all kinds of music.  From Tejano to Hip Hop to Salsa to Trova.

Here I share with you one of my favorite trovadores Silvio Rodriguez.  His music is timeless.  His personal story is amazing!  He’s a Cuban revolutionary troubador.  This song “Te Doy Una Cancion” means “I Give You a Song.” 

This song makes me feel that life is timeless when you are in love.  Every second matters.  The past, although filled with some good and some bad times is irreversible and shapes your actions today. 

Que viva Silvio!


Cancion de Patria

El Amor no olvida

La melodia


Why so much hatred?? August 17, 2009

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So I was watching the you tube video of Little Joe’s song, “Las Nubes” and noticed that there were a lot of Tejanos that posted comments to the video.  Some were very racist against Mexicanos (immigrants / migrantes). 

This is a message to all Tejanos who are hating on Mexicanos: 

We didn’t cross the border!  The border crossed us!  Meaning that we are all MeXicas!  All the southwest is Aztlan!  Texas, California, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico – all lands of MeXicas.  Remember, these lands were stolen and divided our people.  Just because a border divides a country does not make us any different from one another.  The mainstream media is painting a really bad picture of migrantes and wants to continue to brainwash us to divide and conquer.  We need to unite! 

Here is a poem I wrote about my querido pueblo, Eagle Pass, TX.  Hopefully you can read this and realize that the border wall that is being constructed is not just for migrantes – it’s a hate wall that sybmolizes that brown people whether citizens or not are not wanted in this country unless they will become slaves to the master. 

Let’s not be slaves to the master!  We need to uplift our gente, heal ourselves from corraje and internalized opression.  Hating on Mexican migrants is hating on your own familia.  Todos somos familia de estas tierras.  La sangre no tiene fronteras.  Blood has no borders!

AIR:  El AIRE de la Frontera / Air from the Border

El olor de la frontera

is dirt mixed with blood

that the Rio Bravo cannot wash away.

El olor de la frontera

is  warm air at sunset

and cedar among maquiladora madness.

Contradictions are alive en la frontera

 Cactus flowers bloom

But starving mouths are pricked by the thorns.

El olor de la frontera carries mystery and power

Some cannot explain how a people can survive here

On the edge of four worlds – el Xicano, el Mexicano, el Africano y el Indio

Traveling pa ya y pa ca

It’s an acquired smell

The tortillas, the migas, the border jam traffic, la migra, the tobacco in the air.

The smell of family trees generations deep

Uprooted by construction of a hate wall

The smell of resistance and the smell of fear

is almost a sound in the air that yells fire

from ancient burial grounds of Abuelitos and Abuelitas

whose voice is carried by the wind into our hearts

telling us it’s time to wake up and smell the injustice

And if this wall of hate is still constructed,

Then let us not let them build a wall of hate in ourselves

Because the air is what can free us

Because the water is what can cure us

Because the fire is what can liberate us

Because the tierra is what can unite us


Haiku and a Song – Las Nubes – The Clouds August 16, 2009

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A classic Xicano-Tejano song – “Las Nubes” in english meaning “The Clouds” by Little Joe y La Familia.  This song is about the struggle of the Tejano farmworker.  It talks about the struggle a man is feeling as a worker sometimes feeling that crying can turn into laughter and laughter can turn into singing.  The singing then brings on the clouds and the clouds start producing rain.  In the song, Little Joe sings about the struggle of the Tejano man resorting to drinking when it seems like the world is falling apart.  He sends a message to the man saying not to let drinking alcohol become a vice, the clouds come and bring rain from the ocean that cleanses the spirit. 

For real you all…this is a classic Tejano song…Took me a minute to actually realize how deep the lyrics are…One of my favorite Tejano songs…


The following are several haikus I wrote in Spanish inspired by this song.  The haikus start with the clouds, to the rain, to lightning and then to a storm. 


Veo las caras                                                                

Expreciones cambiando                                  

Las nubes rien                                                           



 Lluvia traeme paz                                                   

Para seguir viviendo                                              

Dios me conoce                                                          



Trueno! Quien soy yo?                                           

Alumbrame la vida                                                     

Con tiros de fe                                                                     



Viene la fuerza                                                               

Escucha la tormenta                                                   

Baila con ella                                                                     


A Haiku and a Song August 15, 2009

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I am so not a tech person…so while I figure out how to post a video on this blog, check out the link below.

I’ve decided to post a haiku and a song at least a couple of times a week with music that I love followed by a haiku that was inspired by that song…Why a haiku???  Well, it’s a nice and short way of expressing yourself in a 5-7-5 syllable format…I might mix it up and challenge myself…but for now…Here is my first Haiku and a Song…

Song is by Raphael Saadiq….”Skyy, Can you Feel Me”  OOOOHH…..this song makes me want to get up and clap my hands and move my hips from side to side:)


Can you feel my love

Traveling through distant time

Each second of now