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Baby Blessings February 15, 2010

Thank you Virgen de Guadalupe for listening to my prayers.  It has been six years now since I knelt before my altar asking for this blessing.  I had given up hope and had come to terms with the fact of possibly never being able to have children.  As the years passed by, the longing diminished.

I turned 30 years old on December 21, 1979 – the winter solstice – the longest night of the year.

It was around this time that I feel I conceived the baby I now carry inside my womb.

Today is Valentine’s Day and today marks my 10th week of pregnancy.

I am blessed!  The father of this child is blessed.  God has been merciful.  The Virgen de Guadalupe / Tonantzin has been listening.  Yemaya has been waiting to release her waters.  Oshun has been preparing her rivers to receive this new life. This baby has chosen to travel down from the stars to plant itself in me.  My feet firmly planted, I welcome this baby.  I cherish every moment, even though I have been throwing up everyday!  This is a blessing from the Creator!  I pray that I have a smooth pregnancy and that I deliver a healthy, beautiful baby!

My due date is September 11th / 12th.  I find it interesting that the due date might be the anniversary of the attacks in New York.  Maybe it’s a sign that my baby is a warrior for his/her people and is a symbol of new life in a time when the world is losing so many lives daily all in the name of greed, war, hatred, and exploitation.  This baby represents dreams, hopes, the start of a new chapter, my growing family!  Even though there is so much not to look forward to in this world…we’re still at war, the economy is still in terrible shape, our resources are depleting, our food, water, air, and environment contaminated, our forests disappearing, our oceans polluted….This baby is resistance to the negativity.  The baby vibrates energy through my body and gives the planet new life and new hope for a better tomorrow.  I will do my part in helping my baby grow to be responsible, to listen to the wise teachings of the elders, to respect our Mother Earth, to give Love to all of humanity, to think and act with freedom and justice and LOVE!


2 Responses to “Baby Blessings”

  1. Natalie Says:

    felicidades!!! i am so excited for you and your family!

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