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Palabras desde el Corazon de mi Nahui Ollin September 12, 2009

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EARTH: The TIERRA that birthed me

Dedicated to Abuelita Minerva.  May your spirit remain en la milpa.

De maiz naci.  De maiz muri.

Deje mi maiz para ti

Porque soy echa de tierra

Y tu eres de mi

De maiz sone.  De maiz soy yo.

A la tierra me fui, para que me encontraras.

De maiz naciste tu.  De la tierra.

Cuando tu te vayas, estaremos juntas

Y regalemos estas palabras para sembrar una nueva milpa

Echas de nuestra sangre 


Dedicated to Abuelita Mima


AIR:  El AIRE de la Frontera

Dedicated to mi Querido Pueblo: Eagle Pass, TX

El olor de la frontera

is dirt mixed with blood

that the Rio Bravo cannot wash away.

El olor de la frontera

is  warm air at sunset

and cedar among maquiladora madness.

Contradictions are alive en la frontera

 Cactus flowers bloom

But starving mouths are pricked by the thorns.

El olor de la frontera carries mystery and power

Some cannot explain how a people can survive here

On the edge of four worlds – el Xicano, el Mexicano, el Africano y el Indio

Traveling pa ya y pa ca

It’s an acquired smell

The tortillas, the migas, the border jam traffic, la migra, the tobacco in the air.

The smell of family trees generations deep

Uprooted by construction of a hate wall

The smell of resistance and the smell of fear

is almost a sound in the air that yells fire

from ancient burial grounds of Abuelitos and Abuelitas

whose voice is carried by the wind into our hearts

telling us it’s time to wake up and smell the injustice

And if this wall of hate is still constructed,

Then let us not let them build a wall of hate in ourselves

Because the air is what can free us

Because the water is what can cure us

Because the fire is what can liberate us

Because the tierra is what can unite us

FIRE:  Journey of FUEGO

To all of the women who have been made to think that they were not love(d)

Para Ella – You know who you are….

For these hard times

Look within and find your freed mind

Don’t hesitate to rewind

Each time the battle scar opens wide

And then find your spine

Because the world of pain is full of twisted vines

But when you dry your eyes and see the lies

You will feel like you can fly all the way up to the sky

And then you will wonder why you never tried

Because love’s always been in you, but you let it die.

Or it was taken from you, beaten, cheated, discarded, and used

For something that you never accused, or maybe nobody ever cared to fuse

That fire that burned in you, because you didn’t let it show

How somebody can stoop so low, kill your spirit, then go or worse, stay.

Cuando las memorias carcelan, la costumbre mata.

When memories are imprisoned, convenience kills.

Let your thoughts run free, let the memories speak

Don’t worry about sounding weak

Everything you are searching for is within your reach, all you have to do is seek

So for these hard times

Look within and find your freed mind

Don’t hesitate to rewind

Each time the battle scar opens wide

And then find your heart

Use the unfused fire

To start

The journey forward 

Looking forward

Looking backwards

Looking forward

Looking backwards

But always con el Corazon al frente

When you free your mente

And when you cross that Puente

That divided your spirit,

Everyone will be able to feel it

Tu Corazon puro

Tu Corazon indigena

Tu Corazon Xicana

Tu Corazon mi Hermana

That’s the most beautiful part of you

Let the light shine through

Let’s cross that Puente together,

Because I am with you

A tu lado

Yo no me rajo

Tu no te rajes

Sale, let’s take this viaje


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