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Haiku and a Song – Las Nubes – The Clouds August 16, 2009

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A classic Xicano-Tejano song – “Las Nubes” in english meaning “The Clouds” by Little Joe y La Familia.  This song is about the struggle of the Tejano farmworker.  It talks about the struggle a man is feeling as a worker sometimes feeling that crying can turn into laughter and laughter can turn into singing.  The singing then brings on the clouds and the clouds start producing rain.  In the song, Little Joe sings about the struggle of the Tejano man resorting to drinking when it seems like the world is falling apart.  He sends a message to the man saying not to let drinking alcohol become a vice, the clouds come and bring rain from the ocean that cleanses the spirit. 

For real you all…this is a classic Tejano song…Took me a minute to actually realize how deep the lyrics are…One of my favorite Tejano songs…


The following are several haikus I wrote in Spanish inspired by this song.  The haikus start with the clouds, to the rain, to lightning and then to a storm. 


Veo las caras                                                                

Expreciones cambiando                                  

Las nubes rien                                                           



 Lluvia traeme paz                                                   

Para seguir viviendo                                              

Dios me conoce                                                          



Trueno! Quien soy yo?                                           

Alumbrame la vida                                                     

Con tiros de fe                                                                     



Viene la fuerza                                                               

Escucha la tormenta                                                   

Baila con ella                                                                     


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